A Debt Owed

An adventure for characters level 1 to 2.


Brothfah took out a small loan from a predatory loan shark in the Barrows. The debt became too much for him to ever pay back, and his loan officer began having Brothfah perform a few illegal errands for him in order to defer payment. A few months ago Brothfah was told to splash a potion in the mausoleum of a notable family. He knew something was up and refused to do the job, but the loan officer explained that if he didnt do this last job he would kill his wife, Grumhilda, and four children. 

Brothfah took his family and the mysterious elixir and fled to Prism Bay to start a new life. However, the loan officer has tracked the family down and wants his pound of flesh.


Brothfah comes to the heroes in desperation. The halfling loan officer, Ixappa, has captured Brothfah’s family and is holding them ransom. The halfling wants both Brothfah and the potion returned to him, and Brothfah needs your help to make that happen. He was given the location of his ship.


  • Brothfah hid the potion in a nearby cave. He is wary of returning to the cave since he heard high pitch screech when he left the cavern, and when he looked back the cave was masked in darkness. There is a **Darkmantle** in the cave.
  • The potion raises up to 6 splashed corpses of Medium or Small humanoids within a 10’ radius of you as a **skeleton or zombie**. These undead are hostile to any living creature it sees. 
  • Ixappa’s smuggling vessel is covered in crates and netting which make it easy for his crew and himself to hide. It also makes creatures unfamiliar with the boat move through the shambles as if it were difficult terrain. He is often relaxing in a hammock below deck with his pet **cockatrice**.
  • Use the **Goblin** stat block for Ixappa, except he doesn’t have darkvision. His crew of thugs, **tribal warriors**, guard the ship’s deck and the shore from unwanted guests.
  • Ixappa isn’t stupid. He used his pet cockatrice to turn his captives to stone. He then tied a rope to them with a barrel at the end to act as a marker then threw them overboard where they sunk. If Brothfah follows through he has his crew drag the statues back to shore.