April Announcements

Winning Cards

This month I hope you are ready to enter the Fun House; a realm that is an odd reflection of Ravenloft and the other dread realms. Will you send your adventurers to this bright world to solve their not so serious problems.

Genies will also get a Yep and Nope card to change their fate. Watch them stress over the best time to use the cards.


I’ve been working on a side project for a while now, and am finally about to start talking about it. I’m going to be running a kickstarter that contains 5 cards. Each card is centered around a particular creature type so that you can adjustment creatures in your Monster Manual quickly at the table. It’s basically a mod pack for the Monster Manual.

Since you all have been Patrons of my work forever, I will be giving you all a PDF of the art & rules as a thank you. You all rock, and I hope you all love them. I should have a proper announcement later this month, but you can’t watch me use the cards in the weekly Holy Hops Tavern Game.

Holy Hops Tavern

My weekly D&D live game is Fridays from 1-3 EST on Twitch. The motley crew includes an angsty elvish assassin named Grigor Fanchipans (hates being called fancy pants), a bishonen half-orc ranger named Sempi (has a pet chicken that mauls people), and Thistle the nacho crazed pixie barbarian.

You can catch up on the first session on youtube. 🙂