D4: +1 Swords

This is probably the dumbest hill for me to die on, but you should NEVER give your players a boring +1 item! Give it just a touch of flavor and it could become an iconic feature of that character. Here are d4 +1 swords you can add to your game.

  1. Green Glass. This blade is made from magically enriched glass. The magical plasma trapped in the glass bounces around like lightning. When the blade comes in contact with anything, it attracts the chaotic plasma beams to the point of contact which creates anything from a soft glow to a bright flash depending on the force of the impact.
  2. Mercurial. This sword’s natural state appears to be a pool of liquid mercury. However, when a creature picks it up it transforms into a blade. It looks like you reach into the liquid and draw a blade from a disappearing metallic pool. It can be stored in a vial, gourd, or some other liquid container.
  3. Deafened Steel. This blade has an odd kinetic effect which nullifies detectible noise. This blade makes no sound when slashing through air or clashing against steel. Objects it interacts with also don’t make a sound from interacting with the blade. So, if the sword is dropped on the ground for example, nothing would be heard.
  4. Ivory Tusk. This blade was made from the tusk of a world trodding elephant. The flat of the blade has an etched and stained map of a specific region on it. A ruby travels the map and always shows the current location the sword is in the world. If the hero isn’t presently in a part of the world shown on the map the ruby rests in the sword’s pommel.