D4: Adventuring Groups

There are more adventuring groups out there besides the players. There is also no reason to have these groups be any less chaotic and bonkers than the players. Here are d4 adventuring groups for you to drop into your game to act as ‘competition’. These groups may or may not be modelled after the stupid groups I’ve DMed in the past…

  • Animal House. This group of animals were given sentience by a druid with dementia. The baboon bard is the face of the group, and regularly struggles to convince individuals to pay the full agreed upon amount. The cricket assassin and goldfish wizard also are constantly training their replacement to keep up with their short lifespan.
  • Mighty Morphin Druids. This group of druids seek to protect the world from evil in all its forms. They regularly wildshape into powerful beasts to fight off larger foes. They each also have a tendency of wearing clothes of a single color.
  • Turtle Power. Tortle Monks… yup. THey also have a giant Rat (halfling) father figure that is also a monk.
  • Whiskey Sippers. This group consists of a teafling warlock whose pappy is Moloch, a pixie druid who loves flowers, a shader-kai thief from the shadowfell, and a githyanki pirate. They met at a tavern one time and decided to start killing rats together and they just kinda stuck together.