D4: Angels

Not all celestials are kind. The will of the gods is often filled with wrath and vengeance. Here are d4 angels and how they serve their divine lord.

  1. Tok, Herald of Destruction. This deva has a massive golden trumpet that doubles as a radiant mace (the deva’s mace deals additional thunder damage instead of radiant). He appears before a city and blows his thunderous horn which rattles the earth. He then uses his divine voice to proclaim the sins of the city with a difficult method of claiming redemption (sacrifice first born, gouge out an eye, etc). Tok then enters the city and begins executing anyone who failed to redeem themselves with his thunderous horn.
  2. Agora, Law of Ancients. AThis burning eye is surrounded by three golden bands with gemstone eyes cast in them. Agora has the stats of a beholder, except that it is lawful neutral with the resistances and immunities of a planetar. Etched on the golden bands in celestial are the 10 laws of the god the angel serves. Those mortals who not only break these holy laws but take on the identity of these blasphemous traits get a visit from Agora who destroys the heretic.
  3. Maatu, Final Judge. This celestial Androshinx has the resistances and immunities of a planetar. The sorting of souls is easy for most creatures. Their final home is the clear consequence of their actions in life. However, there are rare situations where things are less clear. In these instances Maatu takes the role of final judge. He puts the creature through a series of trials to determine the true character of the creature. Once he makes a verdict only the intercession of a god can reverse the decision
  4. Guiding Light. This ball of light casts light like a torch. It has the stats of a hawk except that its talons deal radiant damage. This guardian spirit tries to aid lost individuals find their path. It can become the familiar of those seeking moral guidance. Due to their similar appearance to will-o-wisps these tiny celestials are often attacked or ignored by the very people they are trying to help.