D4: Coins

There are lots of fun ways to play with coins in this game! They can be just as flavorful and fun as any ring or necklace. Here are d4 interesting coins to drop into your game.

  1. Wish– This beaten up copper disk is the very first coin tossed into a well to make a wish. It has grown strong over the centuries as the legend of making wishes in wells spread. As an action you may throw this coin into a well to cast the *wish* spell from it. The coin then teleports somewhere in the world where there is a great wish for change.
  2. Boatman’s– The boatmen of the river styx know their way around the lower planes. If you are within 30 feet of a body of water you can summon a merrenoloth (boatman) to the water’s edge as an action. If you then give the coin to the boatman, it will take you anywhere you desire.
  3. Gambler’s– This coin has a spotless side that glimmers with ease and a beaten up side that still has dirt on it. If it is on your person you can have it shift the fate of one die roll once per day. On any d20 roll before you know the results of that roll you can choose to use the coins ability. Roll a d20. On a result of 1 to 10 you change the original die roll to 1. On a result of 11 to 20 you change the original die roll to 20.
  4. Beetle– This creature is indistinguishable from a regular gold coin. They also travel in groups of 2 to 10 hundred making a swarm. It has the stats of a **swarm of insects** with the following additional trait.

False Appearance. While the swarm remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from an ordinary pile of gold.