D4: Common Spooky Items

In the spirit of Halloween I thought some of you would like a few spooky items to add to your game. Here are d4 fun spirituous items for you to drop into your game. 

  1. Jar of the Forgotten. This jar holds about 30 souls of the forgotten dead. They manifest as a simple wisp of light that occasionally expels a mournful moan. When the jar is opened the wisps wander out in a circular orbit around the jar’s holder as they look for something to remind them who they are. These wisps cast dim light out to 200 feet from the jar. When the jar closes the spirits return and phase back into the jar because it’s better to be with other forgotten dead than alone. 
  2. Demonic Dentures. These horrible dentures were crafted from the teeth of demons. When worn they grant the user advantage on intimidation checks and the ability to speak and understand abyssal. These dentures occasionally bleed into the user’s mouth forcing them to spit for fear of choking.
  3. Carved Knowledge. This item requires attunement by a wizard. At the beginning of the day when the wizard is preparing their daily spells, the wizard can make an offering of blood over the book. They can request the book grant them the ability to cast a certain spell they don’t already have in their spellbook, and cause themself a number of hit point damage equal to twice the level of the spell requested, if done they have the requested spell prepared for the day. Any attempt to request a spell that is of a higher level than they could normally cast fails.  
  4. Ancestor’s Wisdom. This shrunken head answers any question asked of it in its native tongue. However, the item isn’t infused with divination magic that grants it insight. It is just regurgitating one of the pre-recorded answers it was created with. Roll on the table to see how it answers the question.

1. ‘Yeeeees, that will please my master.’

2. ‘NO! You’ll doom us all!’

3. ‘That, and your death, are blocked from my sight.’

4. ‘Hahahahaha, yes’

5. ‘No, unless breathing is optional for you.’

6. ‘My lips are sealed on the matter’

7. ‘All I see is red.’

8. ‘My vision is clouded. Maybe death is in your future’

9. ‘Don’t ask of that again.’

10. ‘That is the wrong question.’