D4: Criminal Organizations

There are plenty of organizations whose activities are criminalized and frowned upon by polite society. The players could seek out these guilds of questionable reputation to accomplish some goal, blow off some steam,  or fight against them. Here are d4 illegal organizations for you to use in your game. 

  1. Drake Smugglers. The Drake Alehouse sells their brew all over the place. They claim that their profits are from the sheer quantity of beer they sell but that isn’t the whole truth. They also make coin by using their extensive trade networks to smuggle various wares without paying the appropriate taxes and transporting wares that no moral enterprise would touch. 
  2. Crows. There is a reason why crows are heralds of death. There is an order of assassins that assume the visage of crows to get close to their target before killing their victim and escaping into the night. They are very picky in the jobs they are willing to take, and they never take coin as payment. Those within the order want to see the world change for the better, but their utopia may come at a cost that the players arn’t willing to pay.
  3. Ivory House. The ivory house is a general term used for the various disconnected gambling halls of the world. The most famous of these service the upper crust citizenry, and funnels the earnings to the impoverished districts of the city. There are less philanthropic ‘branches’ that feed on anyone to line their own pockets.
  4. Tireless Hands. Drava saw the changing world, and knew that there would be a dire need for labor. He runs a public company that provides cheap labor for various tasks. The company appears above board, but if you look closely at the laborers a few of them seem rather thin. He has a few wizards in his employ that keep his labor force filled with skeletons. This tireless labor force allows Drava to keep his prices insanely low, but the desecration of the dead is generally frowned upon.