D4: Drinks

Not EVERY beverage served in the tavern should require a Con save. It IS a fantasy world after all so why not have the drink that your NPCs and heroes enjoy after work be a little more magical. Here are d4 beverages for you to serve up the next time your players ask what’s on tap.

  1. Quiet Shore. This tropical liquor is brewed in the elemental plane of water. Those that drink the beverage can hear the lapping of water on the beach shore for the next hour. If consumed as part of a short rest it reduces the time from 1 hour to 15 minutes. If this beverage is consumed twice or more in one day, the consumer must make a DC 10 Charisma saving throw or be deafened until they take a long rest. The DC increases by 2 for every drink consumed.
  2. Honest Tea. This bitter dark tea is a favorite with younger people who are getting to know each other. Once consumed the consumer cannot knowingly tell a lie or else suffer 1 point of psychic damage. They can attempt to pass off the pain caused by lying by making an opposed deception check against the observers insight check. The effects last 1 hour. Also, many people have tried to sneak Honest Tea into beverages to force them to tell the truth, but it is impossible to mask the bitter flavor without diluting the effects.
  3. Sparkling Ooze. This tiny creature fills a 1 oz vial when captured. It has a minty taste, but it’s refreshing flavor isn’t the only reason people consume it. When held in the mouth, the ooze moves around the person’s teeth dissolving the plaque and food particulates without harming the drinker. It continues to benefit the consumer once swallowed as well giving advantage on saving throws against ingested poisons. The ooze isn’t harmed in the process, and is unharmed when . . . deposited in the bathroom.
  4. Foot in the Grave. This earthy wine is made from fermented fungus and mold. It has a mellowing effect on the person allowing them to make saving throws against being charmed or frightened with advantage for 24 hours. However, it also causes you to make death saves with disadvantage during the same time.