D4: Evil Organizations

It is not uncommon for a large company designed to rake in profits to start skirting what is legal or ethical to pad their bottom line. Here are a handful of organizations and what they do exploit the system they’re in.

  1. Ancore. This company has built an empire on the acquisition of natural resources and selling them to the highest bidder. Their foundries, mines, and chem plants can be found everywhere from tropical beaches to the inhospitable rims of volcanoes. Safety is far from their biggest concern and there are thousands of cases of accidents, and workplace violence. No one is brave enough to stand up against them due to how profitable they are.
  2. Aetherchem. Creo, the founder of Aetherchem, saw how violent the world was becoming and decided to monopolize the recovery and healing process. They are the sole manufacturer of healing elixirs, antibiotics, bandages, and salves in most major cities. They strongarm local officials into prohibiting competitors from entering their market, and ruthlessly uproot anyone that tries to compete against them.
  3. Black-Box. This housing company figured out they could make more money through the centuries if they stopped selling the homes they manufactured and started renting them to tenants instead. They bought every home they could and immediately rented the space to someone else. They now have a housing monopoly and it shows in the quality of their products. Many of the homes they lease are not maintained properly and should be condemned. Mold, fire, and various other hazards are commonplace in poorer districts. 
  4. Pelican. This widespread transport company has built its reputation on being dependable, consistent, and never asking too many questions. They are willing to transport anything to anyone, no questions asked. They staff one of the largest security teams to protect packages in transport, and to assure delivery to the recipient. They have been unknowingly part of human trafficking rings, weapon smuggling, and drug distribution groups for years. They don’t care what they are carrying as long as they’re paid.