D4: Half-Elves

It’s rather presumptuous that the other half of half-elves are human. I think it is more fun if elves are the more. . . prolific species. Here are d4 flavors to add to your elvish blood. Replace the half-elf +1 racial modifier, skill versatility, and the extra bonus language with the following.

  1. Half-Minotaur. In addition to your elvish features you are covered in a layer of fur and have a bovine’s tail and feat. Filled with bullish might, your strength score increases by 1. You also gain proficiency in survival and athletics since you have a keen understanding of where you are and are built to move.  You also learned to speak and read abyssal in your labyrinthine home.
  2. Half-Rakshasa. In addition to your elvish features you have feline eyes and a lush mane of hair. Your hands are also backwards which do not statistically hinder you. This combination of mystical patronage gives you a unique perspective of the world, your wisdom score increases by 1. You also gain proficiency in Deception and Insight inheriting the rakshasa’s guile. Finally, you can read and speak Infernal.
  3. Half-Treant. You have a bark textured skin and your hair is a bramble of vines. Your eyes are a stunning amber and you smell of flowers. You are incredibly stocky for an elf, your constitution score increases by 1. You also gain proficiency in history and nature with the treant’s upbringing. You also learned to communicate with fairy folk allowing you to speak and read sylvan.
  4. Half-Couatl. You are lean even for an elf, you have prismatic scales that lay on your cheeks and forehead, and your hair is replaced with a feathery plumage that are vibrant and colorful. Your  lythe serpentine body is very agile, your dexterity score increases by 1. You also have a sharp tongue and a keen eye for detail. You gain proficiency in insight and investigation.  Finally you have grown hearing and reading the script of the gods. You can speak and read celestial.