D4: Harvest Rituals

There is no reason to have every harvest celebration be the same in your D&D game since it isn’t true of reality. Here are d4 fun rituals to flavor your in game celebration.

  1. Migration. Have a specific group of NPCs celebrate the harvest by congregating at a specific location. The location could be where the congregating groups forged a lasting peace, be the literal hub of their people’s origin, or maybe it has a land feature that is relevant to them. (ex: a crater where their god slew a mythic foe, giving them their freedom)
  2. Pyres.  Everyone carries a ton of baggage. Some cultures celebrate the harvest by getting rid of broken or unwanted clutter and setting it on fire. There are others who take the pyres a bit further and create wicker representations of the things that cause them stress and toss them onto the blaze.
  3. Absurd Attire. It can be fun to let loose after all the labors surrounding the harvest. Is there a better way to decompress than donning a gaudy frock, paint your face loud colors, and dance around town? I don’t think so. And there is nothing stopping them from decorating the animals in equally comical ways.
  4. Indulge. Through most of the year people have to be concerned with their spending, eating habits, and general moderation. However, once a year the town gets together to celebrate the abundance of resources in ways that are fun, but could be gross. They find enjoyment in a day of overeating, overdrinking, and destructive competitions.