D4: Hats

Sometimes the best thing for a proper ensemble is snappy headwear. Here are d4 unique hats to add to your game.

  1. The A-MAZE-zing Hat. The creature wearing this hat can perfectly recall any path it has travelled and is immune to the maze spell.
  2. Skillet Cap. This cast-iron helm can be removed and used as a +1 club. It also heats up with a command word which allows you to fry up breakfast.
  3. Gaudy Monstrosity. This garish 4’ tall hat is lined with obnoxious lace and is over designed in every way. Whoever touches the hat automatically attunes to it and is cursed to believe it is the best hat ever.  The wearer of the hat has disadvantage on all charisma checks where they are trying to be taken seriously.
  4. Nibble Sack. This floppy brown sack can store up to 5 pounds of food which it immediately purifies and renders free of poison and disease. The brim of the hat is stretchy allowing the wearer of the hat to conveniently reach in and grab food while still wearing it snuggly.