D4: Last Resorts

Not everything in a character’s arsenal is meant to be regularly used. Some things are only ever used in the most dire of situations. Here are a few items that could be used as a last resort.

  1. Thermal Detonator. This item could also be reskinned as a death scroll, grenade, or any other instantaneous deadly item. Some items cause such a big boom that the user knows they can’t escape the chaos. This causes the item’s owner to never use it until they know their fate is sealed and they want to take their assailant with them. 
  2. Tether. This object, when used, sends the character to a predetermined safe location. Adventurers know that there are times where they will be between a rock and a hard place. This gives them an option to leave these terrifying situations. 
  3. Retcon. RPG games can get messy; bad rolls happen, some RP encounters don’t go smoothly and you end up with a bounty on your head, and there are some boxes that are opened that were not worth opening. Giving the characters different ways to undo/redo an encounter allows them the possibility of an unpleasant fate.
  4. Cursed Items. Some items are simply great but have a risk of backfiring terribly. Characters would be less inclined to use the bad ass beam saber if they knew that guts of the sword were unstable and run the risk of exploding in their face.