D4: Machines of War

Do you want a crazy construct to throw at the adventurers? Here are d4 monsters for you to throw at your players. Just add the following traits to the base monsters to transform it into a machine of war.

Constructed Nature. An animated object doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.

The creature’s type changes to construct.

Damage Immunities. poison, psychic

Condition Immunities. charmed, exhaustion, frightened, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned

  1. Laser Wasp. (Flameskull) These constructs were created by gnomish engineers to act as a sentinel to guard their homes. This flying contraption has to barrels which spout flame to keep it aloft, and it generally resembles a wasp. The construct’s internal micro machines allow it to rejuvenate if it is disabled, and it can only be properly be destroyed by someone casting dispel magic on the disabled machine. They have recently begun exporting these fiery guards at a steep price to some questionable characters, but the gnomes aren’t concerned since they have a kill switch to the machines if their customers believe it’s wise to attack them with their own product.
  2. Pyre Chopper. (Nightmare) The relationship between the githyanki and the red dragons have grown tenuous the past few decades so the githyanki engineered these terrible mounts in case their relationship deteriorates further. These motorized iron cycles are crafted with dragonfire and spout flames from exhaust ports on their sides. They also fly and can transport themself and its riders into the astral plane (not ethereal), or vice versa. To top it off, these choppers are sentient and serve the yanki rider they are bound to.
  3. Rust Bucket. (Rust Monster) These constructs were created to play a vital role in wartime conflicts. If a nation is defeated in battle and forced to retreat, they release these boxy machines to destroy the armor and weapons of the fallen soldiers so that they can’t be used against them in further conflicts. The box quickly makes its way to a source of metal and shreds the metal with its enchanted saw blades which both rusts and shreds the object.
  4. Gatecrasher. (Demon, Goristro) Few things cause as much dread to a besieged city as this machine of war. This huge 8 legged ram of pitted black iron cannot be stopped by any gate, portcullis, or wall. Its massive horns are as long as lances which it uses to pierce and rend anything that stands in its way. Getting one of these machines isn’t easy though. The only known smith of this horrible creation is a devilish metallurgist who uses his personal foundry to craft the horror, and he doesn’t take gold as payment.