D4: Masks

It can be a lot of fun to have your NPC wear a mask. They can be used to make the NPC more iconic and more mysterious. Here are d4 masks that you can use to add a bit of flair to your villain.

  1. Hands. This mask is composed of 4 hands. Two have hollowed out palms to allow the wearer’s eyes to see, and their fingers gently grasp the wearer’s forehead and side of the head. The other two are pointed downward and the fingers move when the wearer speaks in a spider or crab-like manner.  The nails on the mask are long, pointed,  and painted a glistening black.
  2. Plumed. This striking mask has an angelic wing sweeping over the wearer’s left eye, and over the right is a small curtain of silver chained tassels.  This stunning isometric mask grants the wearer a bit of mystery while looking regal and majestic. Across the brow of the mask is a string of carved pearls with runes blessed by ancient seers. The tassels gently jingle when the wearer moves.
  3. Lycan. Wearing the hide of a wolf sends a clear statement of strength, but wearing the hide of a werewolf takes it to a whole other level. The werewolf’s skull has been cut to allow the wearer to to gaze through the wolf’s eye sockets. The rest of the wolf’s hide has been left attached to the mask to provide the wearer with a strong cloak.
  4. Mirrored. This mask looks to be a large hand mirror when inactive. A creature can plunge their head into the mirror like a pool, causing the reflective surface to stick to their skin. This causes the wearer’s skin to reflect light just like a mirror giving them an unsettling alien appearance. The wearer can doff the mask by willing the mask to drip back into the mirror.