D4: Nightclub | Apostate

To show off the vibe of Yigderra (the kickstarter I’m launching Friday) I created a nightclub that could be found in that setting. I hope you enjoy it. If you like it check out the Kickstarter HERE.

When the gods died many creatures loyal to them grew bitter. One notable example, Ramiel, ripped off his angelic wings and opened up a nightclub to blast his anger. Here are d4 things that can be seen at Apostate.

  1. Displaced Grace. This gang of angels work for Ramiel. When the heavens tore apart leaving them homeless, they decided to make their own paradise. They are willing to rough up anyone that gets in their way. 
  2. Fractured Halo. Every once in a while Ramiel or one of his crew pulls their fractured halo from a storeroom for everyone to partake in the lost majesty. It’s luminous, glorious, and definitely cranks the party. . . when it works. 
  3. Know-it-All. Ramiel has taken the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to make a crazy cocktail. Since it’s a seasonal drink people flock to Apostate when it’s available. Those who drink this fruity elixir quickly become inebriated, but oddly insightful and perceptive. 
  4. Hell’s Choir. Devils, fallen angels, avoid Apostate since the clientele generally don’t appreciate their “I told you sos’, but this punk-metal band is always welcome at the club since their music resonates with the godless angels. Their music tends to whip listeners into a bloody frenzy. It would be unusual for one of their performances to result in anything less than the death of 4 patrons.