D4: Plants

Adding a bit of magic and fantasy to mundane plants can enrich your game and make it feel more complete. It also gives your players fun opportunities to use these discovered plants as toys/tools in their ongoing adventures. Here are d4 plants for you to add to your game.

  1. Starthistle. This bristly weed has 12” long quills that it stores nutrients. If these quills are plucked and dried the quill could then be lit with a bit of friction causing it to shimmer like a sparkler. Starthistle grows anywhere but dry regions hate this plant for its propensity to cause fires.
  2. Moodbloom. This broadleaf bush eats residual psychic energy of the creatures around it. It then changes color based on the mental state of the energy consumed. Artists seek this plant out since it allows them to create any pigment in the visible spectrum. It has also been used as a natural polygraph machine.
  3. Drapods. This tree has magically infused seed pods. When the pods are released from the tree they sprout fibrous leafy wings and fly to a sunny spot of earth to burrow. These seed pods look like tiny plant dragons.
  4. Giggleberry Bush. The berries of this bush are very tasty, but it’s the unique magical property of the berry that has earned it its name. If the berry is eaten within 1 hour of being plucked it changes your voice dramatically. If it is eaten within the first 30 minutes it raises the consumer’s voice to being absurdly high pitched. If the berry is eaten in the last 30 minutes it lowers the consumer’s voice to being dramatically low.