D4: Quarantine Activities

D&D is a fantasy game that allows us to explore activities and themes we can’t actually do in real life. Here are d4 activities your D&D heroes can do that are problematic presently due to plague.

  1. Restaurant. Your adventurers go to a packed restaurant, and have to wait 20 minutes to be seated. The band is playing too loudly to hear your companions, and you’re pretty sure the food was previously frozen. They also look at you oddly for wearing an animal onesie uuuuh I mean your armor and weapons.
  2. Awkward Holidays. Without the excuse of a pandemic, your adventurers don’t have a polite excuse to ignore the invitation to celebrate a b-tier holiday with a troublesome relative of one of the characters. The relative makes poorly masked comments about your career choice as an ‘adventurer’ and xenophobic statements about gnomes.
  3. Travel. Nothing is quite as fun as traveling with strangers. Waiting around for a designated departure time, just  to spend hours if not days with a motley crew who are annoyed that their prized elbow space is taken up by your presence. Then the air/sea sickness kicks in and a party member’s hat makes the most convenient waste basket, and the halfling grandmother can’t stop prattling on about her 48 grandkids.
  4. Celebrations. Nothing reflects the real world like having some old guy prattle off 763 names, some of them mispronounced, as the wizard college recognizes distinguished graduates. Maybe the celebration is for a wedding celebration of a player’s third cousin that they don’t remember writing into their own backstory that they are expected to bring a 500 gp present for.

((I may be an introvert…))