D4: Scarecrows

With Halloween right around the corner, I feel it is important to give some options for one of the most iconic spooky creatures in D&D 5e, the scarecrow. Here are d4 unique scarecrows for you to drop into your game.

  1. God of Harvest. There is an odd village that no one stops at in spite of the delicious food they export. The people there leave a serving of food on their patio table every evening for some god of harvest. There is also an unsettling number of scarecrows there with an odd sigil painted on their chest. They claim that the god of harvest is generous, but there are rumors that if the serving of food is mediocre or when the spirit is displeased a scarecrow will come knocking demanding a proper sacrifice.
  2. Death Sentences. There are times where a death just isn’t enough for the town of Loomhaven. This textile-centric community is remote and small threats to its stability can be dire, so anyone who threatens the safety of others are hated with a unique ire. Anyone earning multiple death sentences receives every single one. They hang the convicted individual near a scarecrow that is crafted to look like them. As they die their spirit is transferred to the scarecrow, whom they can kill again. This process continues as long as desired for the entertainment of the town. However, if the town isn’t careful the spirit can transfer to a different scarecrow, freeing them from captivity to seek vengeance on the loathsome townsfolk.
  3. Nameless Hunter. Some people will never get justice. Either there isn’t enough evidence to convict, the judges were bribed to toss the case, or some other hurdle was placed to allow the guilty to go free. Those hurt from such injustices may seek out their own vengeance. One old world method of getting such retribution was crafting a scarecrow. The victim would then cut their hand and bleed on the wicker effigy offering their soul for retribution. The scarecrow would animate per the infernal pact and attempt to kill the target the victim wants dead. If the scarecrow succeeds it returns to its crafter, embraces them, ignites in flame, and takes the victim to hell per the agreement.
  4. Staked Warning. No one messes with Tiki-Tavi. The risks are just too high. Seven years ago a band of adventurers attempted to kill the vile hag, but she laid a trap which drowned them painfully in her swamp, but that isn’t where their story ended. She recovered their bodies, cut out their bones, and stuffed them in scarecrows which she impaled on stakes around her home. When she reanimated them, she cursed them with the sensation of drowning. These poor souls are able to gain one day of reprieve from their eternal torment by killing a creature that comes within reach. Even if freed from their post and the hag dies they will still be under the curse, and they are willing to kill anyone and everyone to avoid the pain.