D4: Siege Weapons

The machinations of war in a fantasy world could be far more horrific than what we’ve managed to construct in reality. Here are d4 weapons of war designed to bring death and despair.

  1. Barrel of Bones. This arcane projectile can be launched from a Mangonel or Trebuchet. In addition to dealing damage per the weapon it also animates up to 10 Small or Medium corpses within 60 feet of the barrels landing as zombies. Living creatures within 30 feet of a zombie animating must succeed a Wisdom saving throw DC 14 or be frightened for 1 hour.
  2. Bolt of Vengeance. This bolt can be fired from a Ballista. In addition to dealing damage per the weapon, it creates the effects of Storm of Vengeance centered on the location the bolt struck. The spell lasts for the full minute unless someone uses Dispel Magic to end the effects of the 9th level spell. The saving throw DC of the storm effects is 16.
  3. Flying Boulders. This Fragile jar is filled with 20 flies. The jar is designed to be shot from a Mangonel or Trebuchet. The flies are polymorphed earth elementals. When the jar is fired it immediately kills the flies that are being propelled transforming them back to their true elemental form. Any creature within a 30 foot radius of the square targeted must succeed a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or take the weapon’s regular damage. The earth elementals then roll initiative and begin attacking the closest targets in their confusion.
  4. Hellscape. This bolt can be fired from a Ballista. In addition to dealing damage it masks the terrain within 400 feet in an illusion. It makes the earth look like flesh with the foliage being hair and odd appendages. Rocks look like eyes and outcroppings are gaping mouths that beg for death. The illusion lasts for 10 days. Creatures in the terrain or within 30 feet of it must succeed a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened.