D4: Tarrasque Origins

There are hundreds of rumors of the origin of this terrible creature. Most are absurd, but there are a few rumors that may be true. Here are d4 origins of the tarrasque.

  1. Ultimate Prey. Long ago, Kokatha the bugbear was heralded as the mightiest of hunters. He grew bored of his ordinary prey and beseeched Essul, goddess of the wild, for a worthy hunt. Essul admired the bugbear’s courage. She created the Tarrasque to be Kokatha’s eternal prey. Each time the tarrasque was slain by the hunter, it would be reborn stronger. Kokatha revelled in the escalating hunt until the Tarrasque finally grew strong enough to devour the hunter and replaced him as the supreme predator.
  2. Nature’s Wrath. The gods always saw themselves as the top of the food chain, but the natural world cannot stand for such imbalance. The Tarrasque was birthed from the stones of the earth. The four winds filled its lungs with a ruinous storm. The fires of the planet’s core branded on its soul with an eternal rage. Then like a tsunami, the tarrasque crashed into the world the god’s forged for mortals and reminded them that even the gods can’t force nature to bend the knee.
  3. Wish Fulfilled. A powerful wizard forced a rather angry genie to grant his wishes. He was careful at first. He spent months crafting the best wording to gain immortality, and the genie had no choice but to acquiesce. The wizard gained supernatural healing, and even if he were stuck with a grievous wound he would awaken a few days later unharmed. His second wish he was less careful, and wished to be known throughout the world forever. The genie complied, and the wizard became renowned, and archmages he knew were envious of his status. The haughty wizard then asked the genie to become the most powerful creature in the world, the genie then grinned and granted his request. The tarrasque is the most powerful creature, its name hasn’t been forgotten to time, and it cannot ever die.
  4. Aphid Planetoid. There are others that believe that the tarrasque is the larval stage of a planetoid. It is rumored that the tarrasque will continue to eat and grow indefinitely until it wholly consumes the planet it hatched on. It then will rome the galaxy eating a stray planet every once in a while until it becomes an adult planetoid. At which point it will grow mountainous polyps that pop like volcanic zits that shoot ‘titanic’ eggs throughout the cosmos that hatch to become tarrasques.