D4: Things found in the spider’s web

Spider Making her Web

A spider’s web doesn’t have to be boring. Here are a few things to have in their webs to portray the horrifying nature of the creature.

  1. Mummy. The desiccated corpse of some noble. They are still wearing their signet ring which is worth a lot to the right person.
  2. Weapon. This discarded weapon was abandoned when it got stuck in the webbing. The previous owner determined that it was a small price to pay to escape.
  3. Bait. There is a glistening amulet encrusted with gems that appears to be floating in the air. But it is held aloft by nearly invisible translucent webs which cling to anything that approaches the spider’s bait.
  4. Victim. There is a cute puppy that is desperately flailing to escape the spider’s threads. Surely the creature only has moments before the predator arrives, or maybe the creature is using the puppy as bait for larger prey.