D4: Tribes

Not every tribe on the fringes of civilization is barbarous and filled with savage intent. You can instill in your hunter-gathering societies fun traits to make them feel realistic and part of your world.

  1. Domestication. This tribe has managed to domesticate some powerful monstrosities like dispatcher beasts, owlbears, or gorgon.. The tribe feeds, breeds, and plays with their monstrous companions treating them as part of their family. This relationship is so important to the tribe that they decorate their banners and homes with symbols of the beasts.
  2. Purification. The members of this tribe are descendants of a mighty warrior that swore to eliminate some horrible threat from this plane. They now travel the world as foragers, hunting down their prey over thousands of miles.
  3. Exhilaration. This tribe believes they have no soul and are doomed to oblivion after death, so they try to spread as much joy through the world as they can. As they travel from settlement to settlement they trade wares, throw festivals, sing, and play games.
  4. Documentation. This tribe believes that if someone is forgotten they are lost forever. They travel the world recording the stories of the people they encounter and transpose the stories onto a permanent natural structure like a cave wall to make sure that no one is forgotten.