D4: Tyrants

The kings and queens of your world don’t have to be humanoid. Here are d4 monstrous kings and some info on how they rule.

  1. Angelic King. The solar, Kyvar, looked down on mortals and was appalled by the disorder they created. She approached a devout king who sought good, but was too kind to enact justice, and requested that the king grant her the crown and his position. Once Kyvar was anointed as queen she brought judgement with her. The kingdom may have struggled in paying penance to return to the path, but after the culling those that remained knew that they were righteous and any who stood against them will be dust before Kyvar’s incendiary glare.
  2. Sultan of Mirrors. The efreeti, Toriz, has used his mastery of fire to make the landscape around her oasis a land of glass and mirrors. The amount of light in her palace is blinding and it’s said to be a place without shadows. Toriz has used her wonder of a palace to attract artists, illusionists, and merchants who have enriched the beauty of the unique land. However, Toriz is a perfectionist and a tyrant. Anyone she deems as imperfect is sent to the mines. If they can’t be beautiful they can at least dig something beautiful up.
  3. Tiger King. The Rakshasa, Ig’talla, has snow white fur and emerald eyes which everyone sees since he doesn’t bother disguising his true nature. Ig’talla has made sure that everyone in his kingdom is as wealthy and healthy as possible which has caused his people to idolize the rakshasa as some kind of savior. However, Ig’talla isn’t throwing money to the working class out of the goodness of his heart. He sees his people as little more than ‘pets’ and wants all of them well groomed and healthy as any good master would. His pets are so loyal they attack anyone who threatens the master. They’re very well trained.
  4. Immortal Queen. The death knight, Enissa Frostvern, was once just a knight who swore to end suffering in the kingdom. However, she realized that she could never fulfill her oath serving under her king. She killed her king and took the throne. She has spent centuries removing the pockets of corruption and improving the lives of her citizens, but it is never enough. The king’s son has surfaced claiming he is the rightful heir to the throne which has started a civil war among her people.