D8: Santa’s Quests

Santa runs a complicated system that relies on various pieces coming together for one magical night. However, the amount of magic he harnesses attracts all kinds of greedy characters. When they come to nick a prize he calls on heroes to save Christmas. Here are d8 adventures that he can call on you for aid.

  1. Stolen Sack. A thief has stolen Santa’s sack of toys! You are tasked with retrieving it before Santa has to leave.
  2. Lost Magic. Santa is a pact of the great old one warlock who is granted magic by whatever lurks behind the northern lights. However, this ancient creature has deprived Santa of his magic, and will only return it to him after a dark ritual.
  3. Xenophobia. Santa runs a large compound with a variety of different cultures and many of them don’t get along. The tinker gnome toy makers are fed up with the fact that the seemingly lazy elves get to sit around all year while they work. One disgruntled gnome has caught the elven barracks on fire and started a race war.
  4. Reindeer Games. Santa’s reindeer are little more than steroid-junky frat boys who care just as much about their juvenile games as they do about their role in pulling Santa’s sleigh. This year, Rudolph was caught cheating so the other reindeer beat the light out of him. Now Santa needs a new source of light to illuminate his path.
  5. The List. Getting on Santa’s list is really desirable for some. You are hired by a questionable character to write his name on the nice side and scratch out his entry from the naughty list.
  6. Special Delivery. Santa loves delivering presents, but even he doesn’t want to deliver coal to everyone on the naughty list. He has commissioned you to deliver a lump of coal to one of his undesirables like Orcus or Acererak.
  7. Global Warming. A titan of fire has escaped and threatens to burn not just Santa’s workshop, but Christmas spirit as well. Santa wants you to capture the titan and instill its magic back in the hearth to add a bit of magic to hot coco made over a fire everywhere.
  8. Horrible Curse. Santa has gazed into a mirror of alignment change! He is giving everyone on the naughty list matches, alchemist fire, and weapons to spread chaos. In contrast he has given everyone on the nice list cookies laced with a laxative. Fix the curse, and bring order to the chaos.