December Announcements

Winning Cards

This month’s winning postcard is Frostwyrm Lodge! To go along with the card I’ll also have an adventure to go along with it up later this month.

And this month’s winning playing cards are the Whimsical and Silly spell templates which will lightly modify your magic for varying effects 🙂

Holy Hops

My weekly D&D live game has changed its schedule to Fridays at 1 to 3 EST on Twitch. We’ll be wrapping up the ‘Roth’s Comet’ storyline and then have a quick one-shot adventure that the genie patrons voted on last month (Clash of Clans). 

You can catch up on the adventure on youtube.

I’ve also started posting a daily little comic on webtoon that highlights the funny moments that happen at the game table. 

Thank you all for your support and for allowing this project to grow.

– Caleb