Devilish Rogue

An adventure for characters level 10 to 12


Louie Shaw is a thief and pickpocket who targets the obscenely wealthy. He masquerades as a noble to infiltrate opera houses, galas, and other ritzy suarez, and then uses his charm and flattery to get close to jewel covered debutantes in order to lift their valuables. His luck finally caught up with him last week when he nicked Morgan Silvereef’s amethyst pendant during Duke Tyr’s 100th birthday.

Morgan Silvereef is a brutal githyanki pirate who was only there to acquire Tyr’s yearly tribute of precious gems. She intentionally collects Tyr’s dues on his birthday to rub her superiority in his face. She thought Louie was a cute distraction at first, but when her amethyst pendant went missing she immediately saw through the rogue’s ruse and believed he was sent by Duke Tyr.

The amethyst pendant is the key to her vault in the astral plane. Without it she has no way of opening her vault of riches. When she discovered the pendant missing, Morgan returned to her ship and has been laying siege to the Tyr’s estate since.


Duke Tyr is willing to pay handsomely for the head of Morgan Silvereef. He has heard Morgan demanding the return of her pendant, but he has no idea what she is talking about. He has lived under her thumb long enough, and wants the problem dealt with permanently.


  • Louie Shaw had the pendant identified and learned its purpose when Morgan blew up over its disappearance. However, he has no idea where on the astral plane Morgan keeps her vault. So, he has been attempting to hire a crew on the downlow to board Morgan’s ship and steal her maps to navigate to the vault. Louie is an elven **spy** who is also wanted by Duke Tyr for theft. The reward for his apprehension is low however.
  • Morgan Silvereef is a **githyanki knight** and has a crew of **githyanki warriors** who maintain her airship ‘The Emerald Cutlass.’
  • The Emerald Cutlass is a warring vessel with 2 ballistas which she has been using to terrorize the Tyr estate. Morgan also has barrels of **black pudding** which she drops in key locations to create chaos.
  • Morgan’s crew is incredibly loyal so she doesn’t put much effort in hiding her maps onboard. Anyone that succeeds a DC 14 investigation check can find the map to Morgan’s vault in her pile of maps. However, the vault is on the astral plane and is guarded by a **young red dragon** and her two **half-red dragon vetran** siblings.
  • One of the noble’s at Duke Tyr’s birthday celebration was a puppet to an **intellect devourer** who saw Louie steal the pendant. The intellect devourer is a servant to a **mindflayer** who has been seeking a way to thwart Morgan for years. The mindflayer now has intellect devourers scouring the city for Louie and the pendant.