An adventure for characters level 16 to 18.


Jax was a boy when his village was slaughtered by a white dragon. 36 of his kinsmen were simply snuffed out of existence to satiate the monstrosity’s hunger and sadism. The boy vowed to correct this horror at all cost. He mastered the arcane arts, became a lich to buy time, and concocted a plan to undo the terrible event.

He acquired the Fateweaver and intends to use it to change the destiny of his village. However, the loom has its limits and its usage is costly. He has concluded that he will need help to enact his plan.


Jax approaches the heroes and requests to speak in private where he reveals his true nature. He explains his bloody past and desire to correct it, and then explains why he came to the adventurer’s for help. He can weave fate on the magical loom to create an opening through time to the day of the event, but he cannot both weave and travel through time. He needs a few heroes to go through the portal and kill the white dragon, and have a few heroes stay behind to act as a tether for the timetraverlers and fight off the fey he stole the loom from.


  • Jax, the **lich**, knows that if the adventurers are successful he will cease to exist in the present. He will have lived a happy life in his village until the day of his natural death. He may use this to bait the players into doing what he wants since over the course of his undeath he has committed several atrocities  and devoured hundreds of souls in his pursuit. All of his evil will be erased from time if they do this one good.
  • Before opening the portal, he tethers the time traveling heroes to their allies who intend to stay on this side of the portal. This is necessary since the lich will stop existing when the wyrm dies and they will need that tether to allow the time travelling heroes to return to their own timeline.
  • When Jax begins looming, a portal will open to his village centuries ago as the **adult white dragon** breaks the surface and begins tearing into the village. Adventurers that delve into the village’s timeline take 1 point of force damage at the start of their turn as reality rejects their presence in it. A player in the village’s timeline can use an action to return back to their own, appearing in a space adjacent to their tethered companion.
  • Within 1d4 rounds of the loom being used a coven of **Night Hags** planeshift into the lich’s tower to retrieve their loom. These 3 hags have the coven shared spellcasting. They take on the appearance of dryads and try to convince the heroes that the lich has tricked them and asks for their aid in killing the lich.
  • Jax the lich must use his action and maintain concentration like a spell to continue looming, but he can still talk unobstructed. If his concentration is broken the adventurers in the past are shunted back to their tethers. Jax will use his full arcane might to kill the fey and the heroes.
  • If the adult white dragon or Jax is killed in the earlier timeline, the lich immediately dissolves to dust and the heroes in the past timeline are shunted to the companion they are tethered to. If the lich is killed while looming, the heroes in the past also are shunted to their companions.
  • When Jax stops concentrating on the loom, either after his success or death, the loom is rendered useless since it was put under far more strain than it was intended for.  If the hags are still alive they attempt to retrieve the scraps to try to make a new one.