Heads Will Roll

An adventure for characters level 2 to 4.


The rate of theft in the small city of Argoth has been on the rise the past several years due to the increase in poverty. Constable Jakko got fed up with the stain on the city so he was susceptible when confronted by a surprising ally. A **Bearded Devil** approached Jakko and proposed to take care of the problem for him as long as he turns a blind eye to how he handles the problem. Jakko agreed.

The devil went into the impoverished community and got to work. He decapitates  people who do petty crimes in a magic circle which sends the souls of the victim directly to the river styx. The bodies of the corpse then animate and go collect more victims.


The gnome, Fred Springfoot, is concerned for his brother George who went out to pilfer a bakery in the night and hasn’t returned. Their mother is very sick and they needed the food so it’s not like George abandoned them. He doesn’t have anything to offer, but he isn’t the only family who has lost loved ones of late and they need help since Jakko doesn’t care what happens to them.


  • The magic circle is inscribed into the floor of an abandoned mannequin factory. He attaches the heads of his victims to mannequins which animate and protect the circle from harm. Use the **Scarecrow** stat block to represent the monsters.
  • There are several headless **Zombies** that come out at night hunting for those who perform petty crimes. These creatures have Blindsight 60 ft. Occasionally they kill their target before bringing their victim to the warehouse. In these instances the zombies leave the body behind which has attracted **Giant Vultures** which have been eating the cadavers. The body of George Springfoot is presently being eaten by the vultures.
  • Jakko is incredibly dismissive of the pain of the impoverished community. Anyone who attempts to force the issue will be arrested. He is a **Veteran** and has several **Guards** on his staff.