January Announcements

Winning Cards

This month’s winning postcard is Vanity of Time! To go along with the card I’ll also have an adventure to go along with it up later this month.

And this month’s winning playing cards are the Blessing of Grace and the Curse of Invocation which are unique boons given by cosmic entities.

Holy Hops

My weekly D&D live game has changed its schedule to Fridays at 1 to 3 EST on Twitch. We’ll be starting the level 3 story arc Friday the 8th! I hope to see some of you there.

You can catch up on the adventure on youtube.

Fine Tuning
I’m also adjusting my posting schedule to make sure that the content stays up to snuff. I do prepare posts a few weeks ahead of time, so it will be a bit before you’ll start to see changes.

Thank you all for your support and for allowing this project to grow. Things are going to get weird (good weird but weird)!

– Caleb