Mammon’s Mammoth Games

This circus isn’t going to run itself! How do you want to contribute?


Mammon, one of the dukes of Hell, loves sponsoring large spectacles to rake in money. He recently purchased the sleeping **tarrasque** and intends to awaken it to be center stage in a host of games. For the games, Mammon constructed a stadium reinforced with walls of force to contain the mythical beast for the entire duration of the games and seat hundreds of thousands of spectators.

The Games

Mammon has 4 games prepared which he intends to profit from.

  1. King of the Hill. This game also functions as the opening ceremony. All contestants climb on the back of the sleeping tarrasque without any armor or weapons. Moxie will then welcome everyone to the games and awaken the tarrasque using a magical flute dagger with the specific purpose of waking the beast. The goal of the game is to be the last one on the tarrasque’s back, but staying on longer than other competitors is also worthy of bragging rights.
  2. Til’ Death do us Part. The devils love their blood sports. Several big game hunters, and breeders of beasts have home together in an attempt to prove that their monsters are strongest. They pit their monster of choice in a one-on-one dog fight against the mythical monster. The beast that stands the longest and actually harms the tarrasque wins.
  3. Tower Defense. There are several simple 3 story towers made of iron that are summoned simultaneously into the arena. There is a team tied to each tower and it is their goal to defend their tower the longest.
  4. Grindhouse. Different groups enter the ring to go toe to toe against the beast. Any team that gets the tarrasque weak enough that a sleep spell works on it wins, he group that does it the fastest is grand champion, and losers are tarraasque horderves.

Notable NPCs

***Moxie.*** The **succubus** mistress of ceremonies is tasked with being the personality of the games. She does all the announcing and commentary, and revels in the blood bath. She wears a ringmaster’s coat and a top hat rimmed in lace.

***Spaks.*** This **ice devil** bookie is Mammon’s chief financial analyst. He has been tasked with creating fair, but profitable stakes and rewards for the contestants and those betting on the games. Spaks doesn’t care if the contestants cheat for any reason except that it distorts his profit projections. He commissions mercenaries to root out any attempt to undermine the games.

***Six of Spades***. The **marilith** is one of the few demons able to attend the games. She loves gambling and bloodsports and is actually the individual to suggest the games to Mammon. She can’t stand boredom, and has a few cards up her sleeve if the games feel too manufactured. A few of her schemes include dispelling the walls of force that protect the attendees in the stands, loan an ‘underdog’ superior equipment, drop a deck of many things in the stands to be discovered by anyone, etc.

***Tarisha’nahn.*** This **dao** princess is dripping in precious gems. She intends to sell her **stone golems** to the generals fighting in the blood war, and intends to show off their capabilities in the ‘Til Death do us Part’ game. She wants her constructs to come out on top and has taken measures to poison the competition.