March Announcements

Winning Cards

This month’s you can expect a visit from the Merchant: Khulan! This botanist with a heart of gold has distilled several elixirs and poisons to aid adventurers in slaying the monsters that lurk in the dark. 

Genie patrons will also get the Anima and Chitin cards to modify the weapons, armor, and other items you drop into the game.

Holy Hops Tavern

My weekly D&D live game is Fridays from 1-3 EST on Twitch. The motley crew includes an angsty elvish assassin named Grigor Fanchipans (hates being called fancy pants), a bishonen half-orc ranger named Sempi (has a pet chicken that mauls people), and Thistle the nacho crazed pixie barbarian.

You can catch up on the first session on youtube. 🙂