May Announcements

Winning Cards

You guys decided to get a few more flavors for Gnolls! It’ll be fun to surprise your players with a completely different tribe for them to encounter.

Genies will also be getting the I know a Guy & I’ve got a Thing cards. These boons will help your players keep the story going.


I’ve been working on a side project for a while now, and am finally about to start talking about it. I’m going to be running a kickstarter that contains 5 cards. Each card is centered around a particular creature type so that you can adjustment creatures in your Monster Manual quickly at the table. It’s basically a mod pack for the Monster Manual.

Since you all have been Patrons of my work forever, I will be giving you all a PDF of the art & rules as a thank you. You all rock, and I hope you all love them. I should have a proper announcement later this month, but you can’t watch me use the cards in the weekly Holy Hops Tavern Game.

Monster Card Set 

Holy Hops Tavern

My weekly D&D live game is Fridays from 1-3 EST on Twitch. The motley crew includes an angsty elvish assassin named Grigor Fanchipans (hates being called fancy pants), a bishonen half-orc ranger named Sempi (has a pet chicken that mauls people), and Thistle the nacho crazed pixie barbarian.

You can catch up on the first session on youtube. 🙂