Miderra: Eastern Seas

This tropical archipelago is littered with the bones of ancient empires, dinosaurs and enlightened beasts from broken worlds, and desperate people trying to find their way in this unforgiving world. This is a violent place where pirates and monsters fill the seas, tyrants and fear fill the streets, and the creatures you dream about aren’t just figments of your imagination. Welcome to the Eastern Seas. 

Life in the Eastern Seas

The Eastern Seas may look like paradise, but the inhabitants of the region have long grown disillusioned by the veneer of beauty of the jungle see it for what it truly is; hungry. The wild waters sink anything that challenge them during the stormy season, and are filled with pirates when they’re pristine. The fruit may be delicious but so are you to wander into some creature’s nest. 

Those who survive the harsh environment often find shelter in one of the many small city states that are sprinkled in the islands. This does not guarantee their safety from flora, fauna, and local tribes who can’t stand the tyranny that these cities live under. Resources are cherished, if you want something you will pay for it, your neighbors are willing to cut you for what you have.

The Holy Hops Tavern Game takes place in the Drakes on the isle of Cragmaw, here is some information of a few notable places found in the Eastern Seas.


This jungle stretches for miles and miles. It is home to countless tribes, tens of thousands of animals, and the biggest city in the Eastern Seas; Ayotl. This city isn’t the only beacon of civilization in Og’trell, but every village in Og’trell is in service to Ayotl. Over the last 100 years the city has taken control of the entire region with little difficulty. However, everyone from the laborers in a lumber camp 400 miles from Ayotl, to the warriors that serve in their military, to the political officials that serve in the city seem nervous as if they are being watched and judged. It is as if they are forced to play a role for some critic holding a pistol to their head. Those that visit the region can’t shake the suppressive feeling of having eyes on them at all times. 

The reason for this feeling is due to the Lidless Lord; an ever sleeping beholder of unimaginable power. It learned how to steal the eyes of other beholders and use it for itself. It can remotely control the movement of the eye and use its  ray. Over the years the Lidless Lord has dreamt up dozens of beholders that its harvested for parts. It is unclear just how many eyes it has, but it requires so much concentration that it put itself into a coma to maintain its web of eyes. Over the years, several organizations have attempted to overthrow the aberrant god of Ayotl, but the creature was never caught surprised. Over time the beholder has culled the citizenry that has displeased it most, and regularly sets examples of those who don’t live the life it wants of you.

Runner’s Rock

This is a lawless island where anything is permissible with enough coin. The island of pirates and thieves is protected by Gallows Reef; treacherous waters that have sunk countless ships. Even if you get past the reef, the island is shielded by its mythically large cliff face which rises  a full mile into the air at its highest point. The storms of the Eastern Seas have pit the cliff with countless holes and channels making it a perfect place to store ill gotten loot, and for the stray beast to make its home. 

The island’s most notable city is known as the Barrow and is carved into a colossal sea stack. This vertical city was founded 20 years ago when Torrojin the pirate king had a palace made on the stack’s crown and retired there. He wasn’t happy simply living alone, so he invited anyone who wanted to to carve out a home in the stacks. The only rule was ‘you can’t be boring.’ The result is beautiful and mad. Barrow became an ant colony of casinos, theaters, music, and debauchery. Pirates, smugglers, and other lowlives often come to this city to spend and sell their ill gotten gains relatively safely. If Torrojin notices anyone not paying their dues or simply not being entertaining enough, he’ll have you thrown off the stack to your death. No one cheats him. No one bores him.