Moving In

An adventure for characters level 1 to 2.


Brothfah and Grumhilda have brought their 4 kids to Prism Bay to start a new life. They escaped the corrupt town of Barrow where their debt to a vicious loan shark was getting them into a world of trouble. They knew that Prism Bay was a tropical village on the edge of civilization and that appealed to their desire to hide from their past mistakes.

They bought a house that was previously owned by Maagog Mystel. A few years ago he lost his temper and murdered his wife and daughter. He then caught the house on fire to cover his crime. He then moved across the island to Gravitas claiming that living where a fire took his wife and daughter was too much for him.

Brothfah and Grumhilda bought the home, but it seriously needed work done before they could move in, so they are currently staying at the Holy Hops Tavern while Brothfah remodels the home. He is a skilled carpenter and laborer so he believes he’ll be able to move in within a month as long as there are no surprises.


Upon his initial inspection of the house Brothfah heard something moving upstairs. Fearing that the loan shark tracked his family down he fled and now wants the adventurers to clear the house out so he can begin reconstruction.


  • The house is covered in rats. A mated pair of **Giant Rats** roam around the weathered home looking for food for themselves and their litter. Their litter, a **Swarm of Rats** are currently upstairs consuming a dead boa that their parents were able to scavenge. There are also half the bones of a dragonborn child in their nest.
  • The basement is damp and there is a patch of **Green Slime** eating away at the support beams. It will fall on any creature entering the basement, so rats have learned to stay away, also if combat breaks out on the ground floor there is a 1 in 10 chance after each of the player’s turns that the floor will give way dropping them into the basement. They must succeed a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw or take 1d6 damage. If they succeed by 5 or more the player may choose not to fall in the hole and instead by adjacent to the hole.
  • The bones of Maagog’s wife, Pinora,  and half the skeleton of their daughter are lying in the basement. If the bones are disturbed the ghost of Pinora, a **Specter**, confronts them. She demands that the adventurers leave their home. If the players attempt to de-escalate her wrath she breaks down in tears and simply wishes to be reunited with her daughter. If the bones from the rat’s nest are returned to Pinora, the spirit of the daughter appears and they both walk into the afterlife together. She also explains how they died if asked.
  • Maagog, a **Bandit**, raises **Scorpions**  with other bandits in Gravitas to compete in tiny blood sports.