November Announcements

Winning Cards

This month’s winning postcard is Vali the elder wolf! The card will provide information on the vicious seven eyed god and what he can do to earn your worship.

And this month’s winning playing cards are the Vengeful & Polymelia creature templates! These simple rules allow you to easily modify what you have in your Monster Manual to be a bit more sinister. 

Bonus Cards

Since we hit our 2nd milestone each patron at the $5 tier and higher will get additional content this month! You all decided that Conjuration would be the best school of magic to call forth. I hope you all love the antics you can summon when you get this card.

You wi also be getting 4 inspiration tokens to use in your game! The image for one side of the token is shown above. It is really easy to forget when you have inspiration, and I hope that the tokens help everyone remember.


Dungeon Havoc first started off as a simple gag a day webcomic. I figured it was about time for me to get back into it, and so I did a giant dump on;

Webtoon & Tumblr

It’ll be a standard Mon – Fri comic centered around the nonsense that happens in a D&D game. The comic is best viewed on a cell, but whatever floats your boat 🙂