October Announcements

Winner Cards

Hi there! The winning postcard will be Curses! A perfect option for people wanting to add a bit of spook to their game.

Since the playing card poll was I tie I thought it would be fun to grab one card from each winning group. So the winning playing cards that will be sent out to the Genie tiered patrons this month are the Pistol and the Stout Drake!

Bonus Card?!

Also, since we got a ton of new patrons to join us we are getting crazy close to the next milestone! So in addition to everything else you’ve voted on this month you can expect to vote and acquire a bonus postcard of spells and 4 playing card inspiration tokens as long as 2 additional patrons join before the end of the month! You’ll know if we hit this milestone when the bonus card poll appears.

Holy Hops Tavern

We are starting the next story arc of Holy Hops Tavern today at 3 EST so its a great time to jump into the story 🙂 If you can’t be there no worries, we post an edited version to our YouTube. Link to all the things here: 


Thank you all again for your support, and I hope you have a lovely month of October!

– Caleb

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