Pit of Vipers

An adventure for characters level 1 to 2.


Maagog Mystel killed his wife Pinora and daughter Svell. He burned down his house and fled to Gravitas where he started a new life raising scorpions to battle in tiny pit fights. He works for the **Satyr** Fex who runs a smuggling operation and  uses his warehouse to host the games.

Fex has recently obtained a stolen shipment of Stout Drake from the Drake Alehouse and Distillery, and is just waiting for his ship to return to smuggle it out of Gravitas.


Sabastian, the owner of the Drake Alehouse, has noticed that several barrels of Stout Drake  have gone missing. He wants you to find the thieves and his stolen property returned.


  • Maagog, a **Bandit** keep his **scorpions** in a massive steel bowl and withdraws them with a pair of metal chopsticks. The swarm of scorpions within the bowl have the stats of a **Swarm of Poisonous Snakes** but without its swim speed. Creatures can be shoved into the steel bowl with the scorpions, and if it’s knocked over attack indiscriminately.
  • There are always a  few **Bandits** gambling in Fex’s warehouse at any given time.
  • Poppin, the son of Sabastian, has been selling Fex the barrels of Drake Stout under his parents nose. He’s been using the funds to keep gambling at Fex’s.
  • Fex has a halfling**Thug** that acts as his security and hitman. He has a pet **Giant weasel** he rides on. He has an eye on Pippin and will attempt to kill him before he can tell anyone who he’s been selling the barrels to.
  • If Fex feels actually threatened he offers the adventurers a *potion of Hill Giant Strength*. If they refuse his offer he chugs the potion and attacks.