Point of a Knife

An adventure for characters level 4 to 6.


The lamia Tira used to be a terrible huntress who used her dagger of venom to make a pretty profit as an assassin. However, her hunting came to a halt when one of her victims came back as a revenant to seek vengeance against her murderer. The lamia tried everything to stop the undead’s pursuit, but had little success until she threw her prized dagger at the creature in desperation.

The revenant took the blade and dismantled it into two pieces: the blade and the handle. The revenant then dropped the blade off with the city guards who took the blade in as evidence in Tira’s string of murders. The handle he gave to a tribe of lizardfolk outside the city who have history with the lamia and will do anything to keep the blade out of her hands. With the blade separated from the lamia the revenant rested.

Tira was downtrodden for years after the loss of her prized dagger. Killing just isn’t the same without it for her. She couldn’t even try to get the parts of her dagger back without having the revenant return to haunt her. She sought out a way to stop the revenant’s endless pursuit of her, and discovered a ring that masks the wearer from the undead.


Tira actually has three quests for the adventurers. She claims she is trying to collect her family’s heirlooms that have been lost, sold, and stolen over time. The first quest she gives the heroes is to recover an old ring from a troll that lives in the dead swamp. After that is done she asks them to acquire a knife hilt from lizardfolk in the nearby jungle. Lastly, she explains that the blade of the knife has been in the evidence locker of the city guard for years, and she asks them to retrieve it for her.


  • Tira the **lamia** always makes a habit of touching the people around her in a friendly manner to administer her intoxicating touch discreetly. She knows that her requests can seem a bit odd, and uses the intoxication to cloud any insight they might gain during interactions with her. She only resorts to magical compulsion as a last resort.
  • The **troll** in the dead swamp is very happy alone in his dead swamp. The various undead that prowl the swamp ignore the troll thanks to the ring and keep unwanted visitors away. The various creatures in the nearby jungle spontaneously animate as zombies. Use the **ogre zombie** stat block to represent the zombie beasts.
  • The lizardfolk tribe was once ruled by Tira, before they discovered her identity and chased her off. Their tribe has several pieces of art displaying the hunting of a creature with a female upper torso and a leonine body. The players may attempt a DC 16 history or nature check to identify the creature as a lamia. The **lizardfolk queen** gave the knife hilt to her **lizardfolk shaman** to guard. He wears it around his neck as if it were an amulet. The **lizardfolk** have several **ankylosaurus** that serve as beasts of burden and as guards.
  • Captain Pennysworth, a **knight**, believes that the only reason why this specific murderer has given up their murderous  ways is because of the loss of the knife. He doesn’t want to see the return of that butcher so he keeps the blade locked away in his office with all the documents tying it to the scene of various murders. The station is fairly secure and always has a few **guards** on active duty.
  • The **revenant** will attack the characters within one hour of acquiring the hilt, and again with the blade. It will attack the adventurers every day until the knife is returned to the revenant.
  • The ring requires attunement to use, but while wearing the ring you are invisible to undead. Anything you are wearing or carrying is invisible to undead with you.
  • If Tira gets both the blade and hilt she can restore her *dagger of venom* and return to her favorite pastime.