An adventure for characters level 1 to 3.


The Starcalyptus is an eerie plant that blooms only once every thousand years on the night of the Roth’s Bolt comet. The flower waits for this particular night to bloom since it needs the ambient aberrant energy to propagate.  However, the comet’s power to keep the horrors at bay died with Roth about a hundred years ago. The starcalyptus hasn’t had an open tap to so much power in a very long time.

Roth’s Comet is a rare astrological event and it has drawn people from all over the world. One of these individuals is a botanist who couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the unusual plant bloom. She came to cragmaw with her family and a guide to take her to the plant. On the night of the comet the Starcalyptus awoke and uprooted itself for the first time in ages and attacked the family.


Danny, the daughter of the botanist, escaped the horrible plant and ran back to civilization. She pleads with anyone for help. She is uncertain if anyone in her family survived.


  • The Starcalyptus is a medium sized plant with roots and brambles that give it a skeletal appearance. It has the statistics of a **mummy** except that when a creature dies from its mummy rot it either becomes a **twig blight** if the creature was small size or a **needle blight** if the creature was medium sized after 2 hours of being dead. After one week of being a blight they sprout flowers and gain the Starcalyptus’s Rotting Fist attack, and after a month they fully transform into a Starcalyptus mummy. It has also killed a few animals to bolster its numbers.
  • Danny’s father, the guide, and 3 of her siblings were killed by the Starcalyptus making 2 needle blights and 3 twig blights. These creatures have a visage that loosely resembles the dead that the plant infected. Laura the botanist and two of her children are hiding in a muddy grotto near the flower’s origin point. They are trapped there not just because the blights are nearby, but the pool of water they crossed has a **Plesiosaurus** in it looking to make a meal of the trio.
  • The goal of the Starcalyptus is proliferation. If a blight hasn’t grown flowers to create more of them the Starcalyptus will compel them to bring their unconscious victims to it so that it can infect them and transform them into blights. It will also flee if it feels threatened.