Trophy Envy

A fun one-shot adventure.


Santa has an award ceremony every year that rates the performance of the various departments in his workshop. The workshop has turned the ceremony into a yearly competition, and no one takes it quite as seriously as the sweet-tooth and gear-head departments. Over the years the two departments have slowly escalated their light hearted rivalry into an all out war fought in the shadows. Every year, the two try to sabotage each other’s projects, vandalize equipment, and even assault one another when Santa’s security isn’t watching. It’s gotten so bad that last year one sweet-tooth was sent to the infirmary after the gear-heads figured out he intentionally mislabeled their gizmo as a toddler’s toy instead of a fragile art piece.

In spite of the fact that the sweet-tooth department has won ‘Department of the Year’ the last 10 years, the gear-head department still claims to be the best since they won the very first competition which was awarded with the biggest trophy to date. The trophy has become a totem of supremacy that they hold over the other departments, and Jingle Tinseltoes is sick of it. Jingle is the department head of the sweet-tooths, and he wants to deal with the gear-head’s icon of vanity permanently.


Destroy the gear-head department’s trophy and don’t get caught by Santa’s security.


  • Each player is playing a **goblin** sweet-tooth. It can be beneficial to give each player a print out of the goblin stat block. Encourage them to give their goblin a silly name and description. They are given a key to the Gear-Head Department workfloor (A) by Jingle.
  • Santa’s security guard is a **hobgoblin** with a *wand of webs*. He wears a fur-lined red uniform with golden buttons. If something loud happens he will rush in the dock entrance (B) of the gear-head department’s workfloor in 2d6 turns.

Gear-Head Department

  1. ***Workfloor.*** This room has long tables filled with hundreds of half finished projects. The far wall has a stack of crates filled with completed clockwork contraptions, and there are a ton of chains hanging from the ceiling to move heaving machinery. Three clockwork gnomes patrol the floor. The clockwork gnomes are construct **jackals** that use candy cane lances. The clockwork gnomes also have tall hats that ring like a bell that alert Crisp Gingeroot and Santa’s security. The chains and crates can be climbed to make it to the fake trophy case.
  2. ***Drafting Room.*** This incredibly messy room has paper, ornaments, and various experimental contraptions precariously balanced on and around the desks of this room. To navigate it without knocking something over and alerting the clockwork gnomes and Crisp of their presence they must succeed a DC 10 acrobatics check twice to cross the room. If a creature fails the clockwork gnomes come to investigate and only sounds the alarm if they catch the characters.
  3. ***Fake Trophy Case.*** This display case has an illusion of the trophy within it, and if the case is opened an alarm sounds. A successful DC 12 investigation check reveals the illusion for what it is and the alarm. The real trophy is kept in Crisp Gingeroot’s office. If the alarm sounds it alerts Crisp and Santa’s security.
  4. ***Department Head’s Office.*** Crisp Gingeroot is here looking over blueprints. If he is made aware of intruders he takes the real trophy from his desk and puts it in the safe. Crisp is a **goblin** with a snow blower that grants him the *ray of frost* cantrip. His spell attack bonus for it is +4. On the safe is a plaque that reads; ‘When Santa leaves the workshop, where does he go?’ If the answer ‘South’ is spoken the safe opens.