Warehouse Surplus

An adventure for characters level 2 to 4.


The Bolt House is the only warehouse in Prism Bay. During the busy season, the owner Pog Macaw, hires seasonal help to handle the massive quantity of crates he’s in charge of. He tends to hire goblin natives who appreciate the work when it’s available and ghost the village when the work dries up. This relationship has been solid for years, but this year things just keep going wrong.

A mimic has infiltrated the warehouse masquerading as a barrel. It has been eating the goblins and actually split a few times. The small mimic colony takes on several mundane forms including crates, boxes, barrels, and piles of sacks. One odd mimic has taken the form of a small pillar with a red button on it.

Pog blames the goblins for taking too many crates off the boats (since his warehouse has too much inventory), and for being lazy and ghosting on agreed upon shifts (since the goblins were eaten by the mimic). The goblins, in contrast, believe that Pog is either killing their kin or kidnapping them for some reason. Several fights have broken out between the goblins and the regular warehouse crew.


The deteriorating relationship between the goblins and Pog is affecting the entire town. Fights between the two groups have broken out at the Holy Hops Tavern, Prismatic Provisions has been vandalized, and the goblin merchants have been packing their wares and leaving. Its only a matter of time before something bad happens.


  • If the heroes are keen to investigate the disappearances in the warehouse they find the **mimic** in the pedestal form after a few minutes. There is also torn goblin tunics and scattered beads that belonged to the missing goblins. If the adventurers succeed a DC 14 investigation check they can see that a bloody fight was fought in the warehouse.
  • Ooswa is the head of Cragmaw’s goblin clan. He has been told that several of his people have gone missing in Prism Bay and he will not stand for it. He will approach Pog and demand an explanation, and if he fails to provide a reasonable answer for the location of his people he will leave and plan an assault on the town. He is a **goblin boss** that rides a **saber-toothed tiger** and is often accompanied by **goblin** warriors.
  • The goblins of this adventure are members of the Saber clan and have no need of the Nimble Escape trait. They instead have the Fleshrender trait below.

Fleshrender. The goblin scores a critical hit on a 19 or 20. It also deals an extra 1d6(3) weapon damage on a critical hit.